We are a family run team of dedicated Jamaicans. Our goal is to go the extra mile to ensure that your experience in Jamaica will be fun, memorable and impactful, and that you are truly immersed into our local culture.


By having our team by your side through every step of the way, you are guaranteed a safe, secure and structured experience while you are in Jamaica. After all who knows Jamaica better than Jamaicans?


Let our team help you book a life changing trip to Jamaica!


Our Directors

Meet our team of Directors who arranges all of the projects that we offer, and handle most of the behind the scenes work.


Jomo Barnett – Co-Founder and General Manager

general manager 

Jomo is a certified Chef who has studied and trained at Jamaica's number one culinary institution, where he graduated at the top of his class.


Having worked and interned in some of the top hotels in Jamaica, he decided to travel abroad to work overseas at a Jewish camp in Connecticut, USA, where he was exposed to a whole new culture. Upon returning home to Jamaica, he began working with a local volunteer travel organization, where he met many passionate and dedicated volunteers and adventurers who travelled from all corners of the world to experience Jamaica’s culture.


Many of these travellers confided in him that they were not simply looking to be placed in orphanages and schools and do nothing, but that they were seeking to really give their all while doing meaningful work that would have a lifelong impact on the lives of the beneficiaries. Many of these volunteers also expressed that they wanted to interact with locals, and learn our culture first hand.


It was from the demand of these travellers, and at their behest that he decided to resign and launch Jamaica International Projects. Working closely with local churches, schools, families and businesses in his community, Jomo is able to place volunteers in meaningful projects, where they will truly make an impact.


His responsibilities and duties include responding to emails and queries, managing social media, seeking partnerships with local and international organizations, making accommodation arrangements and working with clients to finalize itineraries.


Meleta Barnett – Co-Founder and Operations Manager

Meleta is the Operations Manager of Jamaica International Projects, as well as Jomo’s mother.operations manager close min


Her duties and responsibilities include managing the daily operations of the office, responding to applications and emails from clients, making client placements and reservations at projects, arranging airport and projects transfers and overseeing kitchen and housekeeping staff. Having ran several self-started businesses in the past, she has decided to join our team to put her office management skills and expertise to good use.


As a wife and mother of 4, Meleta, or Mrs. Barnett as she is affectionately called is the embodiment of kindness and passion. She is the Women’s President for the Good News Assembly of Praise, our partner church and she boldly embraces the duties assigned to this post by selflessly helping others.


She is an avid reader, and a lover of flowers and all things gardening. Just ask her about her gardens at home and she will be more than happy to tell you.