Dolphin Cove Jamaica – Dolphin Cove In Jamaica Tours

Additional Info
  • Child age: 6 & under
  • Min Adults: 1
  • Max Group Size: 30
  • Dates Available: MON - SAT
  • Time: 9am - 4pm
  • Tour Location: Kingston
  • Vehicle: Car, Minivan or Bus
  • Starting Point: Islandwide
  • Entrance Fee: Included
  • Transfers: To & From Accommodation/Port

Jamaica’s #1 Attraction – Dolphin Cove Jamaica Tour

Surrounded by 5 acres of tropical rain forest, Dolphin Cove Jamaica in Ocho Rios offers visitors the opportunity to swim with dolphins, sharks and other exotic aquatic animals in their natural environment. Not only are the dolphins well trained, they are also intelligent and friendly.


Watch your very dream come true as you become a dolphin trainer for a day, or a “Sea Keeper” as it is called. Don’t miss out on this chance to hold, touch, feed, swim with and learn about these magnificent mammals. After all swimming with the dolphins is one of the most popular bucket list items in history!


Perhaps you would love to see the dolphins in action, but you are not much of a water lover? If so then no problem! There are plenty of exotic land based animals and activities to do as well, such as riding a camel, petting iguanas, interacting with exotic birds, riding in the glass bottom boats and much more! So you do not have to get wet to have a great time while visiting Dolphin Cove in Jamaica!


Founded in 2001, you will quickly see why Dolphin Cove is considered to be Jamaica’s most popular attraction.


Dolphin Cove Jamaica Ocho Rios Activities:

– Touch, kiss and interact with dolphins on the shallow water (knee deep).


Swim – Swim, dance, play and be kissed by 1 dolphin in the deep water. After a brief orientation you will spend approximately 30 minutes in the water with the dolphin.


Ultimate Swim – Enjoy dolphin kiss, foot/dorsal push and play with 2 dolphins. You will receive a brief orientation then spend approximately 30 minutes with the dolphins.


Dolphin Trek – Walk underwater while encircled by dolphins. This is the most intimate dolphin experience offered as you enter their habitat 12 feet underwater. Your specially designed and trademarked sea trek helmet provided by Dolphin Cove will keep your hair dry, and allow you to breathe underwater. Spend approximately 20-30 minutes in the water with the dolphins.


Shark Encounter – Pet, hold, feed and snorkel with sharks in their natural habitat. You will be under the supervision of professional trainers. Watch an exciting sea performance, then interact with the shark.


Sea Keeper for a day – Work with dolphins, stingrays, sharks and other sea creatures. You will get a behind the scenes view in the lives of dolphins, as you work with professional animal trainers to assist in food preparation, feeding and interacting with the wildlife to observe and participate in their training. Space is limited for this adventure, so you must book in advance.


Dolphin Cove In Jamaica Trip Details



In addition to round trip transportation from your accommodation or your cruise ship dock to Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios, we will also pre-book your adventure and pay over your entrance fees and encounter fees.

We can arrange for you to purchase lunch in Ocho Rios after you complete your adventure if you do not wish to buy lunch at the attraction.


When your adventure is complete, we will pick you up and transfer you back to your accommodation, cruise ship or on other scheduled activities.


Other Activities At Dolphin Cove Jamaica:

• Swim with the dolphins
• Dolphin and Shark interaction
• Ride camels
• Watch shark show
• Pet stingrays and go snorkelling with them
• Take a glass bottom kayak ride and see underwater life
• Pet and touch exotic snakes, iguanas and birds on the Jungle trail
• Go on mini boats to explore the coast
• Purchase Jamaican coffee at the coffee shop
• Buy souvenirs and jewellery at gift shops
• Visit “Little Port Royal” and interact with pirates
• Learn about Jamaica and dolphins
• Purchase lunch and enjoy it with the Caribbean Sea in the background



2-5 hours, depending upon activities chosen *does not include transfer



Entrance Fee: $45 USD

*Contact us for other fees


Dates & Times:

9:00 am – 5:00 pm



Jewellery is not allowed, as rings and bracelets may scratch the dolphins.
Do not bring or wear sun block if you chose to swim with the dolphin, as the chemicals are bad for them.


What To Bring:

• Sunscreen (bio degradable)
• Swimsuits
• Towels
• Waterproof camera
• Water shoes
• Change of clothing
• Cash to purchase lunch, photos and souvenirs
• A tip for guide and driver (if desired)

Services We Provide:

Payment Of All Fees

Your package price includes the entrance fee for Dolphin Cove Jamaica Ocho Rios. Depending on what interactions you choose to add to your package, we will prepay these prices as well.


Tour Guide/Company Rep

We will provide a company rep to accompany you on your trip, who is familiar with the Dolphin swim Ocho Rios Jamaica tour and will see to it that your experience goes well and that you arrive on time.



As a part of our package, we provide pre-screened and fully licensed transportation to all of our attractions. That means you will either be transported by trusted company reps or tour bus operators (for groups), who will take you from your accommodation or cruise ship to the Ocho Rios dolphin swim site and return you to your accommodation (or other scheduled activities/destinations) after you are finished.


Lunch Arrangement

You can purchase lunch in Ocho Rios or at Dolphin Cove Jamaica. We will help you to make the arrangements.

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