Negril Tours – Things To Do In Negril Jamaica

Additional Info
  • Child age: 6 & under
  • Min Adults: 1
  • Max Group Size: 30
  • Dates Available: MON - SAT
  • Time: 9am - 4pm
  • Tour Location: Kingston
  • Vehicle: Car, Minivan or Bus
  • Starting Point: Islandwide
  • Entrance Fee: Included
  • Transfers: To & From Accommodation/Port

Negril Tours And Best Things To Do In Negril Jamaica

Negril is arguably the most popular resort area in Jamaica thanks to its white sandy beaches. Located across Westmoreland and Hanover, it has earned a reputation for being the party centre of Jamaica. This is where many come to unwind and have a good time. Our Negril tours will introduce you to the best things to do in Negril Jamaica.


There are many activities for you to do, and we will visit 4 of the most famous Negril attractions. From the legendary Seven Miles Beach, the rejuvenating Blue Hole Mineral Spring, Negril Lighthouse and Rick’s Café, you are in for a day of beautiful sights paired with fun and adventure.


Highlights Of What To Do In Negril Jamaica

Seven Miles Beach

Our first destination will be the Seven Mile Beach. This spectacular white sand beach is simply delightful. Swim, sunbathe, and go snorkelling if you would like. The sea is nice and warm all year round, including winter. We will spend about 2 hours here.


Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Next we will be off to Blue Hole, which is a mineral spring that allows you to dive from a cliff into the mineral waters below, which is said to have healing properties. If you are not feeling brave then you can climb down into the water on a ladder. There is also a volleyball court, swimming pool, bar and a restaurant on the property. We will purchase lunch here.


Negril Lighthouse

After we have filled up on lunch, our next stop is the Negril Lighthouse. This 20 metre tall lighthouse is used to illuminate the Western end of the island. Erected in 1894 running on kerosene it is now powered by solar energy. You will make your way up the 103 stairs for a magnificent view of the coast, or look at the view from the side of the cliffs.


Rick’s Café

Our final stop will be Rick’s Café, which is known worldwide for its magnificent sunsets. We will make it here just in time to see the sun set and enjoy the view, however we will not purchase food and drinks here, as they tend to be overpriced. After we see the sunset, you can mingle with other locals and guests, and then we make our departure from Negril, with memories to last forever!


Overview Of Our Negril Tours Excursions

Jamaica International Projects will transfer you to all of the above mentioned destinations on our things to do in Negril Jamaica tours. Your package costs includes round trip transportation and a Guide who will watch over you and show you the important landmarks.


We have also included the entrance fees and activity fees to all of the attractions listed above as well.


After your cultural tour is complete, we will transfer you back to your accommodation or cruise ship port, or on other scheduled activities.


1 Person (USD)
From Kingston $75
From Ocho Rios $120
From Falmouth $150
From Portland $150
From Montego Bay $200
From Negril $250


2 – 4 People (USD)
From Kingston $75
From Ocho Rios $120
From Falmouth $150
From Portland $150
From Montego Bay $200
From Negril $250


5 – 14 People (USD)
From Kingston $75
From Ocho Rios $120
From Falmouth $150
From Portland $150
From Montego Bay $200
From Negril $250


15 – 30 People (USD)
From Kingston $75
From Ocho Rios $120
From Falmouth $150
From Portland $150
From Montego Bay $200
From Negril $250


We can accommodate up to 30 guests on this experience. If you are a larger group, we can make special arrangements.



6-8 Hours


What to Bring:

• Sunscreen
• Camera
• Insect repellent
• Water bottle to keep hydrated
• Money for lunch
• Towels
• Swim wear
• Change of clothing
• Water shoes or non-skid sandals
• Cash to buy goods and souvenirs
• Tip for driver and guide (if desired)

Services We Provide On Our Negril Tours Jamaica

Structured Experience

We will organize a structured trip, so that you will be able to have a wholesome cultural experience on your tour. We will take you to pre-screened areas that we are familiar with, and where we know you will be safe. Since you will be visiting 4 sites, we will operate on a timely basis to ensure that you receive enough time to enjoy each attraction.


Tour Guide/Company Rep

We will provide a certified tour guide to accompany you on your trip, who knows the areas you will visit on your tours Negril Jamaica package and will ensure that you are kept safe, and operate on a timely manner.



As a part of our package, we provide pre-screened, insured and licensed transportation to all of our attractions. That means you will either be transported by trusted company reps or tour bus operators (for groups), who will take you from your accommodation, or cruise ship ports to the 4 tourist attractions in Negril Jamaica and return you to your accommodation or cruise ship port (or other scheduled activities/destinations) after your experience is complete.


Lunch Arrangement

You can purchase lunch at the Blue Hole Restaurant.



We will provide chilled refreshments for each of our guests.

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