Tuff Gong Studios Jamaica Tour

Additional Info
  • Child age: 6 & under
  • Min Adults: 1
  • Max Group Size: 30
  • Dates Available: MON - SAT
  • Time: 9am - 4pm
  • Tour Location: Kingston
  • Vehicle: Car, Minivan or Bus
  • Starting Point: Islandwide
  • Entrance Fee: Included
  • Transfers: To & From Accommodation/Port

Tuff Gong Studios Jamaica Tour In Kingston

Visit Tuff Gong Studios Jamaica, the Caribbean’s most technologically advanced recording facility, and experience the legacy of the great Bob Marley. This 75 minute excursion is both educational and entertaining, as you are granted a rare behind the scenes look at the recording process from start to finish.


Your first stop will be the rehearsal room, complete with state of the art musical equipment, including one of Bob Marley’s own grand pianos. Explore his history and influences in this room that has been a practicing site for numerous musical legends.


The next stops on our list are the Artist’s Lounge, Engineer’s Room and finally the Recording Studio, one of the largest in the Caribbean. Learn how compact discs are made, duplicated, labelled and distributed worldwide. View photographs and learn about friends, family and other famous recording artistes known by the icon.


Tour one of the world’s few remaining vinyl record manufacturing plants, and learn first-hand how records are made, including original acetate discs, vinyl pebbles, 45s or LPs. You will see how manual and automatic pressing equipment works.


Another point of interest at the Tuff Gong Studio Jamaica is the Herb Garden, where you can see some of the traditional medicinal plants and herbs used in the Rastafarian Religion.


Tuff Gong Studios Jamaica Tour Details


Jamaica International Projects will transfer you from your accommodation or cruise ship port to the Tuff Gong Recording Studio, where your tour will begin. Your package price covers the cost of round trip transportation and entrance.

Afterwards you can purchase vinyl records or compact discs, have a snack at the cafe, sign the visitor’s book and listen to reggae music. This is perfect for musicians and student groups, or music lovers in general.


1 Person (USD)
From Kingston $75
From Ocho Rios $120
From Falmouth $150
From Portland $150
From Montego Bay $200
From Negril $250


2 – 4 People (USD)
From Kingston $75
From Ocho Rios $120
From Falmouth $150
From Portland $150
From Montego Bay $200
From Negril $250


5 – 14 People (USD)
From Kingston $75
From Ocho Rios $120
From Falmouth $150
From Portland $150
From Montego Bay $200
From Negril $250


15 – 30 People (USD)
From Kingston $75
From Ocho Rios $120
From Falmouth $150
From Portland $150
From Montego Bay $200
From Negril $250



75 minutes



Monday – Saturday
9:30 am to 4:30 pm



The studio can facilitate up to 15 persons at a time. If you are a large group, we can make special arrangements for you.


What You Can Do:

• Visit the rehearsal room
• Explore the Recording Studio and learn how cds and vinyl are made
• Purchase cds and vinyl recordings of local and international artistes
• Purchase Marley Headphone and other Marley gear
• Tour the Herbal garden and learn about Rastafarian herbs and plants
• Have snacks or a drink at the café



$20 USD per adult
$10 USD per child (4-12 years old)


Videography is not allowed, however you may take photographs in specified areas.


What to Bring:

• Cash to purchase lunch and items at gift shop
• Camera
• Comfortable shoes
• Sunscreen
• Insect repellent
• A tip for guide (if desired)


Services We Provide For Our Tuff Gong Studios Kingston Tour


Booking Your Reservation

We will pre book your reservation, so you will be guaranteed admittance.


Option to Combine

A popular combination trip for this experience is the Bob Marley Museum Tour. You can indicate in your application or when you contact us that you would like to combine them for a special rate.


Tour Guide/Company rep

We will provide a certified tour guide to accompany you on your trip, who is familiar with the community and will see to it that your tour goes well.



As a part of our package, we provide pre-screened, licensed and fully insured transportation to all of our attractions. That means you will either be transported by trusted company reps or tour bus operators (for groups), who will take you from your accommodation or cruise ship port to Tuff Gong Studio Jamaica in Kingston and return you to your accommodation (or other scheduled activities/destinations.)


Lunch Arrangement

You can purchase lunch at the café, or we can make reservations at a restaurant nearby.

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