Age is just a number according to the popular saying. Well Doug & Peg Harter definitely proved this phrase true, as they spent a 10-day vacation with us in Jamaica travelling to the most popular destinations and sampling all aspects of our culture – at the age of 79!


Initially Peg and Doug, a couple from Oregon USA who have been married for over 50 years found out about our vacation package from their travel agent who booked the trip for them. I immediately knew they were a fun loving bunch the moment I met them at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston. After checking them into their room and showing them around the property we served them a traditional Jamaican dinner of Escoveitched Fish, Rice and a Tossed Vegetable salad. After exchanging cultures, we all headed to bed to get ready for the next day.


A Winding Start Down The Rio Grande River

For their first excursion, Doug & Peg headed to Portland to go rafting on the Rio Grande River. They told us how beautiful and scenic the lazy ride down the river was, and how surprised they were that they remained bone dry for the entire 2 hour ride downstream on the bamboo raft. Their next stop was at the Boston Jerk Centre for lunch, where they sampled authentic Jamaican Jerked Chicken & Pork. They also purchased lunch for our driver Dwayne each day, who they grew very fond of.


Trekking Up The Blue Mountain For Coffee And A View

On day 3 of their vacation the destination was the Blue Mountains to make 2 stops; the first being Craighton Estate for the coffee tour and then to Strawberry Hills. The Harters had invited our Operations Manager (and my mom) Meleta Barnett on this outing, and they all received a full tour about how coffee is grown, processed and packaged up in the Blue Mountains, and sampled a fresh cup afterwards. After the tour was completed they headed to Strawberry Hills for lunch, and to witness the breath-taking view. The Harters had mentioned that Strawberry Hills was one of the top places to visit according to their guide book, and the tour had proven their guidebook correct.


Marley, Devon House & Hellshire Beach – A Cultural Trifecta

Day 4 saw the Harters visiting 3 of the most culturally important sites this side of Jamaica, as they visited the Bob Marley Museum, Devon House and Hellshire Beach. After touring Bob Marley’s former home, they stopped at his Legend Café to sample a lobster wrap. Afterwards they headed to Devon House where they sampled Jamaica’s best ice cream and saw the historic mansion up close and personal. In the afternoon when they headed to Hellshire Beach they witnessed many Jamaicans going about their daily lives and enjoying themselves. Some swimming and playing, others selling or trying to make a living. Not to miss out one on of Jamaica’s top culinary delights, they both sampled the Fish and Bammy that Hellshire Beach is famous for.


Jamaican Holy Ghost & Dunn’s River Falls Tour

Day 5 fell on a Sunday, so I invited the adventurous couple to visit a Jamaican church to witness first-hand how Jamaicans worship. After a vivid and animated church service, the Harters headed out to Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios. They thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery that this majestic waterfall and park boasts, and they also made a quick stop at Scotchie’s in Ocho Rios for a delicious lunch.


Rum & Sugar Adventure At Appleton Estate

The sixth day saw our itinerate duo travelling to St. Elizabeth to tour the Appleton Estate to learn how sugar and rum are produced in Jamaica. Highlights of this trip include seeing the donkey and man powered presses used to crush sugar cane, touring the cane fields, sampling fresh cane juice, visiting the vats that the alcohol is cured in and sampling the finished products.


Negril Highlights Tour & A Stunning Sunset

Day 7 consisted of a long trip to Negril. Their first stop was at the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, then they made their way out to the Seven Mile Beach, where they stopped at a nice restaurant for lunch and some sightseeing. They then made a brief pause at Rick’s Café to see the divers, then proceeded to the Negril Lighthouse for an absolutely stunning view of the sunset that they had all to themselves. After an exhausting yet breath taking day, they returned to Kingston at 10:30 pm to a warm home cooked chicken soup prepared by yours truly.


Kingston Highlights Tour, Port Royal & A Shining Lagoon

Next on their itinerary was a tour of Kingston, which I personally attended. We visited a Music store where Doug bought a Ska cd to add to his collection, a supermarket where Peg bought local seasonings and spices to take back home and the Kingston Craft Market where Peg bought some lovely postcards, jewellery and a refrigerator magnet. After going a few steps to look at the Kingston Waterfront we headed out to Port Royal for a brief look. Before departing we all stopped at Gloria’s for a seafood lunch.


Originally this would have been the end of the day’s activities, however we collectively decided that we would also do the Glistening Waters tour in Trelawney as well due to the General Elections being scheduled for the following day. The bioluminescent water was simply amazing, as it glowed a deep blue whenever it was disturbed.


Patois & Jamaican Cooking Class – Being A Jamaican 101

On the 9th day of the Harter’s 10-day vacation package, we all stayed in. This however did not impede us from providing the Harters with some cultural immersion activities, as we brought in Patois language expert Georgette Macglashen-Miller who did a special house call to teach them how to speak our local dialect. Both Doug and Peg thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as they role played and vividly spoke our local creole. After I made them a special Jamaica lunch of Oxtail, Yellow Yam, Potato Salad and Vegetable Salad, we all met in the Kitchen in the afternoon where myself and my mother conducted our very own Jamaican cooking class. We taught them how to prepare Jerk seasoning from scratch, how to light a Jerk pan and how to properly Jerk pork. After the lesson was over they both enjoyed the finished product for dinner, which they truly enjoyed.


Heartfelt Goodbye To The Awesome Harters

Finally, on the 10th day, we all awoke early to wish Doug and Peg farewell and safe travels. I accompanied them to the airport, and we said our goodbyes. It felt like saying goodbye to close family members, and even now we all greatly miss their presence. I feel truly blessed to encounter travellers as giving and free spirited as the Harters. I am happy that our team was able to play our parts in ensuring that their 10-day vacation in Jamaica was fun filled, organized and most of all enjoyable.


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