Heli Tours Jamaica - Helicopter Tours In Jamaica

Additional Info
  • Child age: 6 & under
  • Min Adults: 1
  • Max Group Size: 30
  • Dates Available: MON - SAT
  • Time: 9am - 4pm
  • Tour Location: Kingston
  • Vehicle: Car, Minivan or Bus
  • Starting Point: Islandwide

Heli Tours Jamaica – Join Our Helicopter Tours In Jamaica

If you are seeking an exhilarating tour that will give you a bird’s eye view of Jamaica, then our Heli tours Jamaica packages are precisely what you need! The Island Hoppers Helicopter Tours ltd is a registered company, owned and operated by Jamaicans. They have ports island-wide, including Ocho Rios, Kingston, Falmouth and MBJ airport.


Their qualified pilots offer safe and professional air tours, and their Helicopters are maintained under the strict regulations of both the Federal Aviation Administration and the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority. In addition their aircrafts carry 10,000,000 usd liability insurance to protect passengers.


Below is a list of the helicopter tours in Jamaica that they offer, and the point of terminations. You can either end the tours in Ocho Rios or Montego Bay. Wherever you choose to end it, we will pick you up at your destination.


Montego Bay Heli Tours Jamaica

Montego Bay Ecstasy

You will start along the coastline and pass the Rose Hall Great House and travel to Falmouth in Trelawny. You will then turn inland and fly above Hampton Sugar Estate all the way to the Montego Bay International Airport, where your journey began.


Distance: Approximately 25 miles
Ride Cost: $440 USD (1-4 persons)


Memories Of Jamaica

This tour incorporates the Montego Bay Ecstasy tour listed above, however an additional leg is added. You will travel over the Cruise Wharf to Round Hill, an elite Jamaican resort before you turn inland to Montego Bay International Airport.


Distance: Approximately 40 miles
Ride Cost: $640 USD (1-4 persons)


Western Showcase

You will experience a magnificent view of Montego Bay right off the bat, before you make your way to Negril, which is one of Jamaica’s top destinations. You will travel along its famous 7 miles white sand beach and travel over the famous Rick’s Café and to the lighthouse on the island’s westernmost point.


From there you will turn inland and travel over cane fields, the gorgeous YS Falls and continue along to the Appleton Estate, makers of Jamaica’s premium rum. You will continue, flying over the Cockpit Country along to Falmouth.


You will then make your final turn which will take you along the coastline, over the Rose Hall Great House and to Montego Bay International Airport.


Distance: Approximately 90 miles
Ride Cost: $1,280 USD


Helicopter Tours In Ocho Rios Jamaica


James Bond’s Jamaica

Modelled after the ‘Jamaica experience’ that inspired the James Bond series, on arrival you will be given a choice between a glass of champagne, a bottle of Red Stripe Beer or water to take along with you.


Your first point of interest is Dolphin Cove, where you may be able to see the dolphins in the water from above. Next you will move on to the stunning Dunn’s River Falls, and travel along the coast to Laughing Waters, a short stretch of golden sand beach with a small waterfall, which was featured in the Dr. No James Bond Movie.


From this point you will fly past Ocho Rios, the island’s second largest resort area, where you will see James Bond’s Pier and see a magnificent view on your way to the beautiful Prospect Plantation, one of Jamaica’s first Great Houses. Other points you will pass are the Rio Nuevo Battlefield, which was where the British first arrived in 1655, Goldeneye in Oracabesa, which is Ian Fleming’s home in Jamaica and James Bond Beach.


On your return trip you will travel along the northern coastline with a beautiful view of the ocean. As you land on the Helipad in Ocho Rios, you will be given a coupon book for the stores in island village, valued at $100 USD.


Distance: Approximately 25 miles
Ride Cost: $440 USD (1-4 persons)


Memories Of Jamaica

This tour incorporates the James Bond’s Jamaica Tour above and adds a trip down the coastline to Port Maria. You will see Noel Coward’s house and final resting place up on the hills, known as Firefly. You will return on the path to Oracabesa, and over Goldeneye, Ian Fleming’s former residence. On your way back you will witness from above some of Jamaica’s most naturally beautiful formations.


Distance: Approximately 40 miles
Ride Cost: $640 USD (1-4 persons)


Jamaica Showcase

After you travel over the glamorous Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, you will then head south towards the town of Linstead, made popular by the Harry Belafonte song Linstead Market. Travel further south to see breath-taking Bog Walk Gorge before continuing on to Spanish Town, Jamaica’s former capital. You will see its stunning square, and view the oldest cathedral in the new world.


Your next point of interest will be Port Royal, which was formerly known as the “wickedest and richest city in the world”, and a former haven of buccaneers and pirates, such as Captain Henry Morgan. Next you will fly over Kingston, Jamaica’s capital for a spectacular view, and then cross the Blue Mountain range along to Port Maria, before you travel along the coast back to Ocho Rios.


Distance: Approximately 90 miles
Ride Cost: $1,280 USD


*Custom tours can also be requested.


Helicopter Tours In Jamaica Details



We will transfer you to either the Montego Bay Jamaica Airport, or the Ocho Rios Island Hoppers port in Ocho Rios where you will board the helicopter to have your aerial helicopter trips Jamaica deals.


We will pre-book your tour and pay over your helicopter rides in Jamaica fee for you, which is included in the cost. We can also arrange for you to purchase lunch at a restaurant near to your landing point, however pre-booking is needed.


When your adventure is complete, we will pick you up and transfer you back to your accommodation, cruise ship port or on other scheduled activities.



30 minutes to 2 hours *does not include transfer


Dates and Times:

8:30 am – 5:30 pm


What To Bring:

• Camera
• Cash to purchase souvenirs & lunch
• A tip for pilot and driver (if desired)

Services We Provide On Our Heli Tours Jamaica Trips

Option To Combine

If you would like to combine this experience, we can make the arrangements for you. Some popular tours often combined are the Dunn’s River Falls and Prospect Planation in Ocho Rios, and the Rose Hall Great House and Montego Bay Highlight tour. Indicate it on your application to let us know so we can send you a special package price.


Payment Of All Fees

Your package price includes the helicopter ride fee. We will pre-pay these fees for you to ensure that your experience is seamless and there are no surprises.


Tour Guide/Company Rep

We will provide a company rep to accompany you on your trip, who is familiar with the Helicopter tour and will see to it that your experience goes well and that you arrive on time.



As a part of our package, we provide pre-screened, licensed and insured transportation to all of our attractions. That means you will either be transported by trusted company reps or tour bus operators (for groups), who will take you from your accommodation or cruise ship port to the Heli tours Ocho Rios Jamaica or Montego Bay at the loading pad, pick you up and return you to your accommodation (or other scheduled activities/destinations) after you are finished.

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