Kool Runnings Water Park Jamaica Tour In Negril

Additional Info
  • Child age: 6 & under
  • Min Adults: 1
  • Max Group Size: 60
  • Dates Available: MON - SAT
  • Time: 9am - 4pm
  • Tour Location: Kingston
  • Vehicle: Car, Minivan or Bus
  • Starting Point: Islandwide
  • Entrance Fee: Included
  • Transfers: To & From Accommodation/Port

Kool Runnings Water Park Jamaica Tour In Jamaica

Located on over 5 acres of land, the Kool Runnings Water Park Jamaica is the leading water attraction in the Caribbean. With over 10 diverse yet thrilling rides and water slides, river tubing, carousels, trampolines and Go-kart racing, there is sure to be something that will keep the interest of you and your entire family.


They also offer facility rentals, and can cater for groups if requested. Please see below for a full listing of their rides and attractions as well as the various Kool Runnings Water Park packages:




Jamaica Bobsled Ride

The largest ride they offer, named after the Jamaican Bobsled team. You ride down the slide in a tube similar to a bobsled. Single, double and triple tubes are available.
Ht. Req. 48" | Length - 350ft. | Elevation - 40ft. | Capacity - 3/Tube


Kick Puppalick

One of the most thrilling rides in the park, and not for the faint of heart. You will be plunged from a height of 40 ft. and end in the catch pool of 28 ft. diameter. Must be able to swim to join this ride.
Ht. Req. 48" | Length - 100ft. | Elev. 40ft. | Capacity - 1/body slide


Green Grotto

This 385ft slide is named after the famous Green Grotto Caves and underwater lake in Jamaica. It is equipped with cutting edge 3-D electronic system and virtual reality software that allows riders to choose the theme of the ride they would like to experience.
Ht. Req. 48" | Length - 385ft. | Elevation - 40ft. | Capacity - 2/Tube


Sly Mongoose

Although this ride starts at an altitude of 30ft, it is sure to hold some surprises in store for you with a length of 206 ft. 42 in.


Duppy Conqueror

As their fastest speed slide, it will surely help you to overcome your greatest fears after experiencing it.
Ht. Req. 48" | Length - 105ft. | Elev. - 40ft. | Capacity - 1/body slide


Lightning Bolt

This fun filled 70ft speed slide will have you wanting to go over and over again.
Ht. Req. 48" | Length - 70ft. | Elev. - 30ft. | Capacity - 1/body slide


Red Snapper

This 130ft slide offers an all-around experience, and can be enjoyed by everyone.
Ht. Req. 48" | Length - 130ft. | Elev. - 30ft. | Capacity - 1/body slide


Rio Bueno Leisure River

Modelled to replicate the look and feel of the Jamaican countryside, you will travel leisurely along quarter of a mile on the glimmering river.
Ht. Req. 36" | Length - 1/4 mile | Capacity - 1 Person per Tube


Capt. Mike’s Coconut Island

Made with youngsters in mind, you will play a wide variety of water based games which include a giant coconut dumping water on everyone occasionally.
Ht. Req. Varies/36" on Slides | Elevation - Approx. 10ft.




Kayaking Adventure

Ride in fibre glass kayaks built for 2, or operate it solo. You can travel the length of the canal on the great morass, and spend some time to look at the birds, wildlife and fish in the wetlands. Must have previous kayaking experience and the ability to swim.
Rental time is 20 minutes approximately


Go-Kart Racing

This is an authentic go-kart racing experience, featuring one and two person karts. 8 formula k karts are featured on the track. Height limit for single person karts is 42 inches and children who are too short to make the height requirement must be accompanied by an adult.
Ride length is approximately 3 minutes, which is roughly 10 laps


Outdoor Laser Kombat

Using hand held infrared transmitters called markers, players shoot electronic beams to tag targets worn by opponents. It is played outdoors in a replica combat field. Very similar to paintball, minus the paint (and the pain). Perfect for all age groups.
Lasts approximately 15 minutes


Jamboo Rafting

A spin on the traditional 2 person bamboo rafting that Jamaica is famous for, this is a new concept of family bamboo rafting. Up to 6 adults can be accommodated on this leisurely trek through the Great Morass. Two and Four person rafts are also available.
Raft trips last for roughly 20 minutes.


Kool Kanoe Adventure

Measuring 14 feet, these “Kool Kanoes” are inflatable rafts that will take you on a gentle cruise on the canal. The Kanoe can accommodate 8 persons and a guide who will give you a brief lesson on cool facts about the wildlife of the Great Morass, as well as the river itself. Riders are given a paddle and are expected to assist in propelling the Kanoe.
This ride lasts roughly 20 minutes.


Paintball Adventure

Shoot paint markers at targets and opponents. There are a number of various games that you can play, and you will be under the supervision of the marshals who regulate the game and ensure that safety is adhered to.
This is played outdoors, and last roughly 30 minutes


Kool Runnings Amenities

In addition to the rides mentioned above, there are numerous restaurants, cafes and even a gift shop for you to purchase souvenirs. If you are seeking a Disney-like adventure in Jamaica, or even the Caribbean, Kool Runnings Water Park Negril is where you will find it. And if you REALLY want to have a hassle free Kool Runnings experience, then you will book with Jamaica International Projects today!


Kool Runnings Water Park Jamaica Tour Details



We will transfer you to the Kool Runnings Waterpark in Negril, where you will be able to spend the entire day and enjoy the rides and attractions to your heart’s content.


We will pre-book your tour and pay over your entrance fee for you, which is included in the cost.


When your adventure is complete, we will pick you up and transfer you back to your accommodation, cruise ship or on other scheduled activities.



2 to 6 hours *does not include transfer


Individual Park Prices

Kool Runnings Water Park All Inclusive All For One Plan - $75 USD each includes all waterslides & *select adventure zone rides.
Reservations required


General Admission - $33 USD each includes: all waterslides, lazy river & entry to adventure zone. Patrons pay for Adventure Zone rides separately, as you go, with General Admission.


Patrons under 48 inches tall - $22 USD

Twilight Special - $19 USD

Kids under 2 years old – Free


Dates and Times:

Tuesday to Sunday
11:00 am – 7:00 pm


What To Bring:

• Sunscreen
• Water proof camera
• Insect repellent
• Cash to purchase souvenirs & lunch
• Water shoes
• Swim wear
• Towels
• Change of clothing
• A tip for guide and driver (if desired)


Services We Provide For Our Kool Runnings Water Park In Negril Jamaica Tour


Option To Combine

If you would like to combine this experience, we can make the arrangements for you. A popular combination for this is the Rick’s Café Sunset. Indicate if you would like to combine experiences on your application so we can send you a special package price.


Payment Of All Fees

Your package price includes the entrance fee for Kool Runnings Water Park. We will pay these fees for you at the gate, to ensure that you gain entrance and there are no surprises.


Tour Guide/Company Rep

We will provide a company rep to accompany you on your trip, who is familiar with Kool Runnings Water Park Negril Jamaica and will see to it that your experience goes well and that you arrive on time.



As a part of our package, we provide pre-screened, insured and licensed transportation to all of our attractions. That means you will either be transported by trusted company reps or tour bus operators (for groups), who will take you from your accommodation or cruise ship port to Cool Running Water Park in Jamaica Negril and return you to your accommodation (or other scheduled activities/destinations) after you are finished.


Lunch Or Dinner Arrangement

We can make arrangements for your group to purchase lunch or dinner at a restaurant in Negril. Let us know beforehand so that we can make the arrangements.

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