Kattis and magnus bacchanal opening night


Bacchanal Carnival sees many travellers from around the world visiting Jamaica to join the revelling and excitement each year. 2016 was no different, as we saw Kattis Ostman and Magnus Haerdin, a lovely couple from Sweden joining us to attend the Bacchanal Opening Night.


We were initially contacted by Kattis, who was planning a 2-week vacation mainly on Jamaica’s north coast, but wanted to incorporate a few days to see Kingston and attend a Bacchanal related event. After a few emails back and forth we were able to organize an exciting 3-day package that would include staying at one of our apartments in Kingston, getting a tour of the city and attending the Bacchanal Opening Night.


From the moment they arrived after a lengthy drive from Lucea, they immediately felt like a part of our family as we welcomed them into the apartment and served them their welcome Jamaican dinner. The following day after sampling fresh Jamaican fruit and a Jamaican breakfast, we all headed out to see the best highlights of Kingston. Bob Marley Museum, Downtown, New Kingston, Half Way Tree and Emancipation Park are a few of the landmarks that we visited. Our first stop was at a plaza in Half Way Tree where we all browsed through several shops and Kattis bought a few trinkets to take back home for her son.


The next stop on our trip was at a Supermarket nearby, where they purchased some Red Stripe beer and other items. Afterwards we went to the KFC drive through, where they were able to sample the Jamaican version of the famous fast food restaurant. Our final stop on our Kingston Highlights tour was the Kingston Craft Market, where we perused the numerous craft shops and they bought a neat little basket to take back home.


The Bacchanal Opening Night Experience

After returning to the apartment and resting, our trusted driver Dwayne returned for the couple at around 10 pm to transfer them to Mas Camp for Bacchanal Opening Night, where they entered the Vip lounge and had an amazing night. They told us that they thoroughly enjoyed seeing the colourful costumes on display on the stage, as well as the entire party vibes and music on a whole.


“The Bacchanal party was a blast! We were dancing for several hours to the soca music. The Jamaicans can really party, and dance!” were Kattis’ sentiments about her experience at the opening night.


When asked to rate their experience on a whole, both Kattis and Magnus rated us 10/10 on all accounts, including the accommodation, their Bacchanal experience, the support from our team and the value for money.


Kattis’s Review Of Our Bacchanal Package

“We spent in total two weeks in Jamaica, and the days in Kingston was the best time ever!

Jomo and his driver Dwayne took us to see the most parts of Kingston, shopping malls, markets, the Port Royal and we also drove thru the ghetto, New Kingston and by the Bob Marley Museum.

Jomo’s Mother, Mrs. Barnett served us home cooked Jamaican cuisine. She is a lovely lady.”


Magnus’s Review Of Our Bacchanal Carnival 2016 Package

“We met Jomo on his internet site and he gave us a really nice time in Kingston and showed us the whole of Kingston with his driver Dwayne.

We wouldn't have been able to see as much as we did if it weren’t for those two guys.

I strongly recommend Jomo for your guide to visit Jamaica and Kingston.”

 kattis and magnus kingston tour

Want To Experience Bacchanal Carnival In Jamaica?

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