semina kosti volunteer teaching french
All volunteers are not created equal. Some volunteers have a desire to travel abroad and give back, but approach their volunteer programs with a laid back-vacation like approach, while others are extremely passionate about traveling to Jamaica to truly make a big difference. The latter was definitely true for high school student Semina Kosti, our very first volunteer that travelled all the way from Greece to join our program.


From the moment she first contacted us, it became evident that Semina was beaming with talent and an indomitable will to use everything she has learnt throughout her life to enrich the lives of everyone she would encounter in Jamaica. Her program consisted of a combination of 2 of our programs – French language volunteer teaching and orphanage volunteering. In the mornings she visited the Catherine Hall Primary School in Montego Bay to teach French to the entire grade 4 & grade 5 classes from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, then she would travel from the school to Garland Hall Memorial Orphanage where she would spend 3 or more hours playing, interacting and getting to know the children there better.


semina orphanage volunteering

On the last day of her program, Semina was presented with a gift bag from Catherine Hall Primary, a thank you card signed by all the staff and kids at Garland Hall Children’s Home and a Certificate Of Participation from our team. Before she departed however, Semina, along with her mother and father who both travelled to Jamaica with her to offer support presented the orphanage with a suitcase filled with clothes for the children.


Semina truly made a lasting impact at both of her projects, and both the children and members of staff will remember her and what she taught them for the rest of their lives. The level of maturity and commitment displayed by Semina throughout the entire program is quite rare, especially in someone who is only 15 years old. We are honoured to have gotten the opportunity to help her achieving her goal of volunteering in Jamaica, and we look forward to working with her again in the future.


Semina had left us with a lovely review after she had departed from her program. In her words, she stated that it was an
“Unforgettable experience! All of you should try it. It was only my first time volunteering and I'd love to do it again through the same Jamaica International Projects.”


To learn how you can join us to make a lifelong impact like Semina, be sure to visit our volunteer abroad programs in Jamaica. Or if you prefer to contact us directly, you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Skype us at jamaica.projects and call or WhatsApp at +1876-827-9801.