Would you like to become our virtual agent and earn cash, free trips, massive discounts and other incentives? As you may be aware, our organization arranges a wide range of projects for travellers to Jamaica, such as volunteering, internships, study abroad, mission trips, educational packages, adventures, retreats and much more.


If you think you have what it takes to promote our packages to your friends, family, colleagues or even strangers, then you should definitely sign up to become a Company Representative.


As a company rep, you will be given virtual training on what our organization has to offer, who we are, our history and our packages. You will also have a company rep package emailed to you, including a service agreement that outlines your goals and reimbursement, a signed sales letter for you to send to prospects, a company email address, a welcome letter and access to our training resources.


Who This Is Perfect For:

• Students on a campus that conducts study abroad programs
• Teachers, faculty leaders and student leaders
• Member of a corporate team
• Travel agents
• Persons with many friends and family
• Individuals with huge social media followers
• Church members and leaders
• Sports team members
• Medical students
• Anyone with lots of friends looking to earn some extra money or perks


This is a perfect opportunity for you to earn an extra income, while working on your own time. Interested in becoming a company rep? CLICK HERE to fill out our application form.